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We have a litter of 4 kittens born to Rosebud and Gus! If you are wishing to adopt please contact Beth Herrin at bethherrin@bellsouth.net

4 kittens born to Rosebud and Gus!


We have more kittens due in June and July!


Redi Freddie's Ragdolls
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls added 2 new photos.Sunday, May 27th, 2018 at 7:25am
For those of you out there that are interested in the four precious little ones, the little blue bi color girl has been placed on reserve. I know that she is going to have a wonderful home. Gonna post a picture of these four that was taken several days ago.
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls
Redi Freddie's RagdollsSaturday, May 26th, 2018 at 1:51pm
I have heard some disturbing news or rumors of young people (students) that are buying ragdoll kittens and then taking them to China or overseas and selling them for 5 to 6 thousand dollars. I don't know if this is fake information or not. Any of my babies that are adopted out are not to be resold (it is in my contract that all babies are to be returned to me if the new fur parent cannot keep them). This is very upsetting to me...knowing that kittens are being trafficked to other countries to be resold at a huge profit. There is a difference in selling to someone that lives in China or other countries and has traveled to the US and wants to buy a kitten to take home as a companion and in someone purchasing a kitten specifically to be resold for a huge profit overseas where the market for these lovely animals is extremely profitable. If I am not mistaken, I think that this practice is illegal. As a breeder of these wonderful cats, it is my responsibility to see that they are protected and kept safe. It is my duty to make sure that they are placed in loving safe homes. And...it is my duty to see that my babies are not placed in extremely stressful situations. I decided to voice my feelings about this horrible means of purchasing a cat or kitten under false pretenses for profit. So far, all those families that have adopted my babies have been wonderful and I have kept in touch with them. I have been blessed with wonderful people that have given my babies wonderful homes filled with love and attention. With that having been said, I pray that all of us as breeders do not experience having someone purposely purchase our babies under false pretenses and then selling them at a huge profit. God Bless.
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls added 11 new photos.Friday, May 25th, 2018 at 12:53pm
My little ones have met their first milestone in their growth. They have opened their precious blue eyes. I went in this morning and changed out their bedding and while I had the nesting box out, I took some much-needed pictures of these precious little ones. I had already caught the actions and shenanigans of little Tillie on film...so I thought that I would share. The four little ones have also gained color and I now know that they are all bi's. I definitely have a little cream boy and a little seal boy. The other two are little girls and by ear color, they look like one is a blue and the other is a seal. I cannot at this point determine if they are going to be Torties or not. Quite honestly, I don't see any indications of them being Tortie colored. I will know for sure in the next week or so. Please enjoy the photos of the precious little ones and Miss Tillie doing her thing. The four are available for adoption. If interested, please contact me by email: bethherrin@bellsouth.net. God Bless.
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls
Redi Freddie's RagdollsSaturday, May 19th, 2018 at 8:29am
We have a litter of kittens...four to be exact. I will be posting pictures of them at a much later date. They were born last Thursday, May 10th. There is at least one cream bicolor, a possible seal bi, a blue tortie and a seal tortie...you noticed that I said possibly. I will not say for sure but that is what I think they are. The cream is a definite...its little ears are pink and it is solid white at this point. I will give further updates as they mature.
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls added 8 new photos.Friday, May 11th, 2018 at 9:44am
Haven't been on FB much lately. There have been so many things happening and my focus has been on those things that need to be tended to. Little Waltzing Matilda better known as Tillie has become quite the character. She has become quite the little piglet and yesterday morning ate till she could not eat anymore. She ate so much that it made her sick. I took her to the vet worried that she had gotten into something. Dr. H examined her and could find nothing wrong with her. I took her home and when I went to put her back in her "kitty" condo, I noticed that her bedding was messed up with big piles of vomit still intact from when she had eaten it. Today she has been fond of water and ate just a little of the kitten food. She is fine and full of herself...little miss priss. I took some pictures of her a little while ago playing in my lap. She is such a wild chile...Please enjoy and God Bless.
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls added 7 new photos.Sunday, May 6th, 2018 at 9:06am
Thought that I would post some new pictures of Tilly. She is so full of herself and waltzes across the floor like nobody's business. I am really watching her develop. I hope that she is all that I could wish for in a breeder or possible show. She does have a mismark on her hind leg...the rest of her...so far is perfect. Enjoy and God Bless.