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Redi Freddie's Ragdolls
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls added 3 new photos.Friday, March 16th, 2018 at 10:40am
Finally got the downloads on the last of the pictures taken yesterday...of Miss Juliette. Thought that I would post. A lot of people have shown quite the interest in this little girl. She was a onesie and has the attitude of a spoil'd brat. She loves to be with me, but hates the other cats. She really thinks that she is a human...Please enjoy and God Bless. This little one is growing like a little weed and has the mass that goes with it. She is going to make a very big girl. Love her looks...
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls added 16 new photos.Thursday, March 15th, 2018 at 2:29pm
Today has been a very big day...Got a lot done and took some pictures to share with all of you. Spent a good portion of the day trying to get my house in order...especially the cattery. It really needed a good cleaning...I opened windows, changed linens, mopped and vacuumed. Changed litter boxes, cleaned water and food bowls and disinfected surfaces that could be disinfected. I also took pictures off and on. I finally was able to down load and save on the new computer. My WiFi is still not up to standard, but I will take what I can get at this time. Lumos and Romeo have made great progress and will soon be ready to adopt out to loving families. Our new Italian girl, Bettina, has settled in nicely and growing like a little weed. Alessandra, another little Italian baby is beginning to show her baby bump and April is getting to be round with her pregnancy and is in her fifth week...Alessandra is due on the 24 of this month. I am really looking forward to these two litters of babies. Our own little Juliette is not social at all when it comes to other cats. She has a temper and lets me know she is upset when I allow Sadie and April in to visit...she is one spoiled little kitty kat! Our little Daisy is finally over her being a little "Hussy"...at almost seven months of age, she has already gone through 3 heat cycles and is quite vocal with her caterwauling. I got her picture in a sweet little moment. I hope that you enjoy all the pictures...God Bless.
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls
Redi Freddie's RagdollsSaturday, March 10th, 2018 at 12:53pm
I finally have the new computer up and running and everything seems to be in place. I hope that my data on the other computer can be salvaged...lots of documents and pictures on it. I took some cute pictures of the new baby...she has made herself quite at home as you can see. God Bless all of you and stay safe.I was only able to down load the one...
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls
Redi Freddie's RagdollsFriday, March 9th, 2018 at 9:55am
Was able to get one picture and save it...still in transition with new computer. The computer that crashed will probably stay that way...don't know that it can be salvaged. Please enjoy the picture of our little Princess, Bettina....taken Tuesday night, March 6. She is definitely a little sassy britches and has the cutest little walk...she sashays...such a mess.
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls
Redi Freddie's RagdollsWednesday, March 7th, 2018 at 12:34pm
Update....Romeo is doing beautifully. Had a stress related cold...but we nipped it in the bud. He is socializing very well..Got our beautiful seal lynx baby girl from Catia in Italy, my crashed computer is in the shop...hopefully will be able to access all my files, met a wonderful lady (friend to Catia) Dana Monaco Saturday (she acted as carrier for the baby), Our new Italian baby goes by the name Bettina (Italian for Little Beth). She is just so precious and has the cutest little cocky walk...and I will post pictures later of her and the others. God Bless.
Redi Freddie's Ragdolls
Redi Freddie's RagdollsSunday, March 4th, 2018 at 3:58pm
Please be patient with me. My computer of two years crashed on me yesterday...lost a lot of stuff that I use when I post. I am using an old lap top that we got several years ago at the flea market and it will suffice until I can either get a new one or get the one that crashed fixed...if it can be fixed. Hate it when I have to go through the process of getting a new one and dealing with all the bells and whistles that can be confusing. Be patient...I will be back up and running soon. God Bless.