Frequently Asked Questions

When will my Kitten Get to Come Home?

Your RediFreddie Ragdoll kitten will be ready to go home at 16 weeks of age… At which time he/she will be spayed/ neutered, vet checked, have had 3 vaccines (required), microchipped, and will have been wormed. All kittens come with a written contract, TICA registrations papers, and a 2-year health guarantee. Your kitten is also guaranteed to be HCM negative and PKD1 negative.

Deposit: There will be a $250.00 deposit made prior to the purchase of said cat/kitten in order for me to hold said cat/kitten.  

How Much Does a Ragdoll Kitten Cost?

Pet Quality$1,550.00 Pet quality kittens will not be perfectly marked or may have other features that would disqualify them from being shown. All pet kittens are spayed/ neutered. There are no exceptions.

We are currently only selling our kittens as Pet Quality.  There will be no sells to breeders at this time. All kittens will be sold as pets only.  If after purchasing a kitten, the buyer would like to show, then we will support the buyer as much as possible.  The figures given below are simply to verify what the cost of show and breeder quality will be.  As a new business, we would rather sell our babies as pets thus avoiding any misconceptions as to show, pet or breeder qualities.

Older Kittens…Occasionally we have kittens that are between 5 months to a year that we originally held back to evaluate for possible breeder/show potential. Older kittens are spayed/ neutered. There are no exceptions.

My goal for my cats:  They must receive the best possible environment in their new forever home.  If for any reason I do not feel comfortable with a sale, then I will not sell that baby to that individual. A refund will be given minus the deposit.  If for some reason the new buyer is not able to complete the purchase of said baby, then at the discretion of the seller, a refund will be made minus the deposit. If a new owner of said cat/kitten cannot keep the cat/kitten, then that animal will be returned to me without refund (unless there are mitigating circumstances in which I may refund a portion of the purchase cost of said animal).

Contract: Each contract must be signed prior to the purchase of said cat/kitten. The contract is for the safety of the kitten, buyer and seller.

Void Contract: There are stipulations in the contract that are created to protect the cat/kitten.  There is to be no removal of claws surgically.  There is to be no vaccination for feline aids or leukemia (see the blog on vaccination of said diseases). There will be no excessive vaccinations such as a fourth vaccine for the first year of life. There is to be no indoor/ outdoor cat (I will not sell to a buyer that has an indoor/ outdoor cat).  If for any reason these acts occur, then all guarantees are void and the contract has been breached.  

Health Concerns:  As soon as you receive your kitten, it is important that you take your cat/kitten to a veterinarian to validate the health of said cat/kitten. Please do not allow your vet to vaccinate for feline aids and feline leukemia.  Your baby has already received the vaccines that are required for its health. This must be done within a 78 hour period to validate the health guarantee of your baby. If you fail to do so this voids the health guarantee and if the cat/kitten dies within the two year period because of health issues, there will be no reimbursement or replacement of said cat/kitten. Have your vet document your baby’s health visit and send a copy to me verifying that it has been done. If your baby dies within two years as a result of genetic disease, a replacement of the cat/kitten will be at the discretion of the seller.  There must be a certified letter from a registered veterinarian with an attached autopsy report from a certified medical facility as to cause of death.  This documentation must validate that the cause of death was a result of genetic disease. Upon receipt of this documentation, there will be a full refund minus the deposit or a replacement cat/kitten of similar quality.  If your cat/kitten develops a heart condition that is a result of a genetic predisposition, there will be a refund minus the deposit or a replacement cat/kitten of similar quality.  There must be a validation/letter from a certified licensed veterinarian and cardiologist validating this as a genetically related condition. All my cats have been DNA tested and certified.  There is a guarantee, but I cannot guarantee an animal that is not taken care of or abused.  If this occurs then that is a violation of the contract and there will not be a refund or replacement of said cat/kitten. If it has been determined that the cause of death or the frailty of said cat/kitten is a result of abuse or poor care, then I will do my utmost best to let other breeders be aware of such a travesty along with documentation of said abuse.

ABUSE: There is no excuse for abusing an animal.  There are several types of abuse: lack of medical care, poor nutrition, exposure to outdoor cats, hurting said animal physically and allowing said animal outside and the declawing of said animal.

The Ragdoll is a gentle giant that is non-aggressive.  This makes him/her a great pet to have around children and other animals.  This also means that when exposed to aggressive animals he/she is in danger of being hurt or killed. If exposed to outdoor cats or cats that are indoor/ outdoor cats, he/she can be exposed to feline aids or feline leukemia. The vaccination of feline aids and leukemia has been shown to have adverse effects on the behalf of the cat. There is also the issue of once a cat is vaccinated for these diseases the cat shows positive for the disease.  The danger is in the loss of your cat, being picked up by animal control or sent to a shelter and then being tested for said diseases.  The cat will be euthanized because he/she has shown positive for those diseases.

Microchipped: All kittens are microchipped and this is included in the cost of the kitten. This can be a lifesaver for your baby. My two ambassadors (Duff and Josie) are microchipped and whenever I take them in for their wellness check, Dr. Harper validates that the chip is still active.

To Purchase a Ragdoll from RediFreddie Ragdolls:

To purchase your baby from us, please contact us and tell us about yourself, your family, and the kitten you are interested in. If you don’t see a baby that interests you please feel free to contact us giving us the details to what you are looking for: color, sex, and pattern.  This will allow us to keep you in mind with future litters of kittens.

Signed Contract

We do reserve kittens but on a first-come-first-served basis.  There will need to be a signed contract and deposit. Whether your kitten is reserved for you will be dependent upon when your signed contract and deposit are received.   We do not accept deposits on unborn kittens, nor do we accept deposits until a kitten has been chosen.

There is a non-refundable deposit of $250.00. We do not reserve or hold a kitten without a deposit. Deposits may be transferred to another available kitten from a future litter but will not be refunded unless seller decides that in the best interest of the kitten to back out of this sale. Once a deposit has been received you will receive updates and pictures periodically of your kitten as it grows and develops.

Final payment will be required by, or before, time of pickup. You may make payments on a regular basis until the payment has been made in full by, or before, time of pickup. If final payment is made by check it must be recieved two weeks prior to pickup (no exceptions). If final payment is made on the day of pickup, only cash or money order are accepted.  

Visits to our home are available only by appointment and for families who have placed a deposit…there are NO EXCEPTIONS!  We request that you honor our need to protect our cats and kittens by not visiting another cattery within a 48 hour period…before you visit ours. Visitation is only allowed for kittens after their first vaccines.

NOTE:  By placing a deposit for purchase of a kitten, you have agreed to all the terms of our contract…even though you may not have already signed said contract…by giving a deposit…you have agreed to the terms of said contract.  Note that no kitten shall leave our property or premises without a contract being signed between seller and buyer.  We will be happy to send you a contract or you may download one, fill it out and send it by email.

The Prices of our kittens (all prices include a spay-neuter of said purchased kitten…there are no exceptions!).

$1,550.00 for traditional (pointed) KITTENS

Show and Tortie KITTENS At this time there will be no sales for show or Breeder kittens to breeders…all kittens will be sold as pets.

Breeder Kittens (at the discretion of the Seller as to whether it will be sold as a breeder to a certified breeder of Ragdolls). At this time there will be no sales for show or breeder kittens …all kittens will be sold as pets.

Final pricing is based on color, pattern, and age of the kitten.  Show rights on our babies are given freely. We will be very proud and supportive of any buyer that wants to show his or her baby.  It will be our pleasure to support you…God Bless and Good Luck.  We want our babies to be successful in the show ring, but we also want them to be happy as pets. All kittens are altered before leaving our home. Our babies deserve the very best loving environment that we can provide for them.  Our goal is to see that each of our little darlins’ are placed in a very loving environment with a loving family.  We want them to be happy and well-loved.  It is also understood that these babies are to be in a forever home and be housed inside.  These babies are not to be inside/outside babies.  They are to be indoor babies only.

Our policy in regard to age for adoption is 16 weeks although some babies may require more time before being placed.  This will allow for their first complete round of vaccinations and spay-neuter procedures. Rabies shots will need to be done by the buyer because of age.  Rabies inoculation is not allowed until the kitten is 5 to 6 months of age.

Our babies (Ragdolls) have not nor will not receive Feline Leukemia (FeLV, FIV, or FIP) vaccinations.  These vaccines are very controversial and have been known to cause cancer, tumors, and even death. The risks in giving these vaccines are so much greater than the benefits. Please note that we do not recommend that these vaccines be given to your baby, and if it is done, the contract that you signed will null and void any liability on our part as to a guarantee of health.  There is another side to your baby receiving these vaccines.  Once the vaccine is given to your cat it will show positive when tested for said disease.  If your cat is lost or stolen and he or she is found in a shelter, it will be put down unless it has been microchipped.  Those vaccines give a false positive to the disease. All our cats have been tested negative! All vaccines are to be staggered…multiple vaccines given at one time will null and void the guarantee of health. The Rabies vaccine and Booster vaccine are not to be given at the same time.

Payment can be given as cash, personal check, US money orders. Please be aware that all final payments must be cleared before your baby can be released into your care and leave our home. If the balance owed on your baby is paid at the time of pick up, it must be paid for in cash.  We will only accept other forms of payment such as mentioned previously 7-14 days prior to pick up.  These forms of payment must clear before your baby can be released into your care.

Delivery of your baby:  We prefer to have you pick up your kitten at our home. If necessary, at the seller’s discretion, other arrangements can be made for pick up or delivery.