About Us

Redi Freddie’s Ragdolls is a very small cattery located in Americus, Georgia. I was fortunate to purchase an established cattery from a dear friend.

I fell in love with this breed when we adopted Fred.  He was absolutely one of the neatest cats that I have ever had the pleasure of being owned by.  We lost him in 2013 and it was not long after that that we adopted two Ragdoll kittens, MacDuff and Josephine.

As a breeder, I have worked hard to create and maintain the new cattery with the starter cats from Peachkisd Cattery.  I named the cattery after Fred (our first ragdoll) using his registered name, Redi Freddie …aka Redi Freddie’s Ragdolls.

All my breeders are DNA tested for HCM and PKD1. The results were negative. All kittens are sold as pets even though they may be show/breeder quality. Prior to going to their new home, they are vet checked, vaccinated, given a two-year health guarantee and are also spayed/neutered.  They are socialized, given personal attention and receive lots and lots of love.  They are feline leukemia and aids free.

As a breeder of these wonderful cats, my goal is to raise healthy loving cats that are truly bred to the traditional Ragdoll standard.  When these babies leave my home, they are given every possible opportunity to thrive through love, care, and with a healthy environment to be the healthiest that they can possibly be.

This cattery has maintained and established during its fledgling years a standard of excellence in its breeding and health protocol. Redi Freddie’s Cattery will always have the well-being of its cats and kittens and the new owners of the kittens produced in this cattery as a top priority in its program and standard.  This cattery is a member of TICA, and is a member of its Code of Ethics and is listed as a breeder in its list of breeders.  We are a member of the Ragdoll Fancier Club International.

It is my hope that this cattery will maintain and surpass the standards that it has set and met.  It is also my hope that this cattery will continue to grow and flourish by breeding the very best quality kittens that can be produced.  It is my hope that Redi Freddie’s Ragdolls will always have an excellent reputation in producing kittens that are bred to the standard, that are healthy and that have the typical sweet nature that is a characteristic of the Ragdoll.

-Beth Herrin, Owner of Redi Freddie’s Ragdolls

True Ragdolls must have blue eyes because they are a pointed breed